In the last month of the year many begin to make the following budget. This helps them see how much they have spent more and how they can improve. We can all save, from those who earn millions of pesos, to those who live with the minimum wage. Although it may not seem, it is possible to live without using the card to cover basic services or household expenses, and above all, separate a percentage of savings. However, what happens if we realize that expenses have increased and it is no longer so easy to cancel the debts we have? Especially when the mortgage credit of our house is among the expenses we pay.

Quiet, even if you don’t believe it

money cash

This is a situation in which everyone has ever met in life. If after making a list of your expenses and income, you find that it becomes increasingly difficult to pay the mortgage fee, but to make a correct distribution of the salary you receive month by month. Using these percentages and based on your total monthly income, you can calculate how much you should allocate to your debts, expenses and even savings. you can look for another alternative that allows you to continue paying without being late: 

A purchase of mortgage portfolio.

money cash

Through this tool, another bank can buy the mortgage it currently has at a lower interest rate, which allows it to have a lower installment that it can pay more comfortably than the current one. If the budget is tight, the ideal is to compare the different alternatives offered by banks, to see what is the best offer you receive.

Do not be distressed if the numbers do not add up and remember that in addition to saving and reducing your expenses, the purchase of a mortgage portfolio is another option not to delay payments.