At the end of a mortgage for having fulfilled the specific payment of the debt upon Good Finance, Goodbank or even some kind of bank you can gather the particular mortgage deeds.

Some requirements have to acquire them.

Procedure for get the deeds

When you wish to collect the home loan action, it is necessary to report within the Public Registry associated with Real estate and Commerce (RPP), the document that ensures the particular loan payment.

As soon as the property is definitely without any encumbrance, you must ask for money letter, or rather, your statement at absolutely no.

With this record the particular cancellation letter is going to be produced. It must be processed with a notary, the most advisable issue is it is the one you might initially employed to make the first action.

The termination from the mortgage

Within a co-financing with the Good Fund or even Goodbank the termination from the mortgage will be provided once the entity has achieved the particular payment of its area of the credit score. In this case you must procedure two letters, one for just one from your bank and one through the federal government institution.

When the credit is through 2006 or onwards, the lender will certainly ask for the credit score quantity that corresponds towards the home loan. In this case, the notary is going to be responsible for formalizing the particular shipping of the deeds.

If it was just before 2006 you should go to Infonatel and ask for the mortgage actions.

After you total the particular payment of the financial debt

The creditor can be appreciated to give you the home loan action in sixty company times.

Occasionally banking institutions have alliances along with notaries that expedite the procedure. In case you consider it expensive, you have the choice that you do it straight. In that case, you will have to request the particular notarial instruction letter in whose addressee will be the notary you have selected to help make the deeds.